Minaj Silica mine is located within Orba and Imilike communities in Udenu and Nsukka LGAs of Enugu State Nigeria. The mine will have one of the best silica deposits known around the world.
In conjunction with Snowden Optiro to providing a comprehensive geology and mining advisory service.
Glassglobal Ltd to providing a feasibility study and bankable business plan.
Our beneficiation techniques will produce globally acceptable silica sand that will find its use in the following areas:
Glass Manufacturing industries
Paint industries


Minaj Green Charcoal is a major focus in the trading arm of Minaj. Our Green coal is made from sawdust, it is smokeless and can be used indoors.
Sawdust charcoal briquettes usage is compliant with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), which addresses global sustainability challenges. It also a commitment to environmental and social responsibility (ESG).
Minaj Green Charcoal can be used for :
· Grilling
· Baking
· Outdoor cooking
· Shisha (Clubhouses)
· Chimney Heating
· Open burn fires
· Fuel for industries
It has also been approved and certified by SON.


We made our name globally (Minaj Broadcast International) through the media space, the flagship of Minaj broadcasting began with satellite transmission in 1997 to Nigeria and other African countries.
Minaj Media has a free-to-air National Digital Terrestrial Television (NDTT) license and an online radio broadcasting license.
Preparations are ongoing to relaunch on Radio and TV .
Minaj Media has the necessary resources to share the African story with the world.
We have interest in short movies tailored around children stories/content. description of your service. ​


Minaj has lands/properties interests in Lagos, Anambra and Enugu state.
Our goal is to develop industries in-line with the company’s corporate growth strategy.

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