At Minaj Holdings

We pride ourselves in our robust Human capital, efficient processes and procedures, passion for quality and knowledge management.

Minaj’s current focus is in the Mining of Silica Sand, all relevant and statutory permits and documentation have been duly applied for and granted in line with the Nigerian Minerals and Mining Acts 2007.

The beneficiation plant will refine a minimum of 50 tonnes of silica sand per hour. The proposed design will produce a daily production of over 720 tonnes and at least 214,157 tonnes per year.

The mine targets both local and foreign markets of silica sand.

Minaj trading focus area is in the sales of green charcoal briquette which is used for the production of clean heat and cooking energy.

Minaj has a commitment to inform and entertain the world from an African perspective. This is the driving force behind the Media Division.

Minaj Media will increase understanding and enjoyment by engaging minds, touching emotions and expanding imaginations with a reflection of our African origins packaged to attract universal appeal.

Minaj Real Estate focuses on project management, cost-saving innovations, construction methodology which has led us to undertake viable projects across the country.

Our Mission​

To engage in profitable ventures in both emerging and developed markets to hedge against capital depreciation.​

Our Vision​

To establish profitable and reputable organizations that impact positivity on lives and the environment.​


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